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The Orkla Industrial Museum

Orkla Industrial museum is a part of Museesne i Sør Trøndelag as (ltd), situated in Løkken Verk.

  • Orkla Industrimuseum

Orkla Industrial museum shows exhibitions in the museum in Løkken Verk and runs the Thamshavn railway, the Old mine and Meldal village museum.

The Thamshavn railway is Norways first electric railway and the oldest AC- powered railway in the world still running. Orkla Industrial museum  runs the line with museum trains in the summer.

The Old mine is the oldest parts of the Løkken mine. Orkla Industrial museum have guided tours in the mine all year. 

Meldal village museum is an open air museum. Orkla Industrial museum give guided tours indoors and outdoors in the summer season.

Rindal skimuseum is a department for nordic skiing history.