The Old Mine

  • På omvisningsrunden i Gammelgruva stopper vi opp og forklarer om driftsmetoder i gruva gjennom 333 år med gruvedrift (Foto/Photo)
    Stine Aasløkk / Orkla Industrimuseum

In to the mountain

The Old mine has a large underground cavern, Fagerlisalen, where the miners once worked. It is also appropriately known as the ‘Cathedral of labour and toil’. There, miners would have strived to earn their living by extracting the ore from the hard rock. This was done by fire-setting, which would have involved setting large fires close to the rock face. The resulting thermal stresses would have caused cracking. After the fires had died down and the smoke had been ventilated, the miners would broken up the loosened rock with picks. Pieces of rock containing ores would then have been carried up and out of the mine shaft, and new supplies of firewood taken down. Hence, over time, the mine gradually increased in size. 

Guided tours outside opening hours

You can order guided tours in the Old Mine all year. 

Guided tours

Individual tours can be booked in the Old Mine all year by contacting us at

2. January–24. June

There are no regular guided tours at this time of year.

Some of the guided tours in the Old mine is only in Norwegian. Opening hours where we got English guide:

25. June–14. August

  • Tuesday - Friday: 12.00, 13.00, 14.00
  • Saturday and Sunday: 11.00, 12.00, 13.00, 14.00

15. August–30. September

  • Sunday: 13.00, 14.00 

1. october – 31. desember

There are no regular guided tours at this time of year. 

Entrance fee 

You can buy tickets when the guided tour starts or in advance at the Information Center or online.

  • Adults : 120,-
  • Seniors: 100,- 
  • Students: 100,-

Children under 16 years go free accompanied with adults. 

Preorder tickets
Det er store haller som er tatt ut ved hjelp av fyrsetning i Gammelgruva (Foto/Photo)

14 ° C all year round

In the Old Mine the temperature is between 10-14 ° C throughout the year, so it is okay to dress up for this. The tour goes on one level inside the mine with gravel paths and wooden plates, use good shoes.