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Opening hours, prices and maps

Orkla Industrial consists of the Museum with exhibitions and museum shop, the Thamshavn railway, the Old Mine and Meldal village museum.

Our other sites

You can visit the Old Mine, Rindal skimuseum  and Meldal village museum in the main season june-august. Visit the links to see information on each site. 

Entrance fees 2024

  • Adults : 130,-
  • Seniors: 110,- 
  • Students: 110,-

Children under 16 years go free accompanied with adults. 


The Informastion Center at Orkla Industrial museum you find at Torfinn Bjørnaas plass 2 in Løkken Verk. In the map below you find all of our visiting sites. 

  • Bilde av Thamshavn Railway, Svorkmo st.

    Thamshavn Railway, Svorkmo st.

  • Bilde av Thamshavn Railway, Fannrem st.

    Thamshavn Railway, Fannrem st.

  • Bilde av Thamshavn Railway, Bårdshaug st.

    Thamshavn Railway, Bårdshaug st.

  • Bilde av Thamshavn Railway, Løkken st.

    Thamshavn Railway, Løkken st.

  • Bilde av Meldal village museum

    Meldal village museum

  • Bilde av The Old Mine

    The Old Mine

  • Bilde av Information Center

    Information Center

Visit us outside opening hours

You can order guided tours in the Museum all year. 

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