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The Thamshavn Railway

The Thamshavn railway runs from the Old Mines in Løkken Verk to Bårdshaug, a 22 kilometer long ride.

Closed for maintance

The Thamshavn railway will be closed for maintance in 2023.

You can visit the new exhibition "Into the mauntain" at the museum and the Old Mine at Løkken Verk. You can also visit Rindal skimuesum in Rindal.

  • Stine Aasløkk / Orkla Industrimuseum

The Thamshavn Railway

Thamshavn Railway was built to transport the ore from the Løkken mine down to Thamshavn for shipping elsewhere. When the railway was opened in 1908, it was Norway’s first electric railway. Today, Thamshavn Railway is the world’s oldest railway running on alternating current. Thamshavn Railway provided passenger transport from the outset, and passenger trains ran until 1963, after which passengers were transported by bus. In 1974, production in the mines Løkken was reorganized and as a result there was less need for rail transport and the ore trains stopped running. 

On 10 July 1983, 75 years to the day after the opening of Thamshavn Railway, the first museum train entered into service. Today, visitors can travel by train between Løkken Verk and Bårdshaug, in exactly the same carriages as used in 1908. It is also possible to book seats in the King’s Carriage, which also dates from 1908. During the journeys, either light refreshments or three-course meals can be enjoyed in the restaurant carriage.

The stations at Thamshavn Railway